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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dead Squirrel

This week i have a job dog walking. First day. Saw the saddest thing. Then a really gross thing. Walking down the street I see a squirrel had met an untimely death by automobile i assume. there appeared to be something next to it. i gathered up the leashes, last thing i need is to wrestle a bloody half mangled squirrel corpse from the jaws of the very cute Leo. I imagined leo and sammy playing tug of war. me trying to explain the blood all over sammy, who is a white littlwe dog. Leo is small but has hair like a lions mane...... then what was next to the squirrel. A baby squirrel. dead. they are so cute. sad. and left me to wonder how that happened. I walked down the road to one of my, i wish i lived there houses then started to walk back up. Still thinking about them i decided to take a closer look. investigate. Almost there. A car is driving down. as i wait for the car to pass i see the tire run over the baby. fuck. had to ask?

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